Crunch On

In 1998, Americans were stockpiling canned beans and bottled water due to Y2K threats, and people were averse to eating almonds because they contained fat. Our charge was to find a way to combat their negative image and significantly increase consumption, a task that seemed nearly impossible due to very low awareness and the fat-free craze running rampant across all food categories. Successive SRG advertising campaigns effectively changed perceptions. In 2012, more than 80% of consumers believed almonds were heart healthy. However, even as annual consumption eclipsed 2 billion pounds, an emotional tie was nonexistent. Described as healthy but boring, bland, and barky, California Almonds aspired to evolve from a purely functional place. So, we developed the Crunch On campaign. It celebrated the fact that people who snack on almonds live enriching lives, pursuing their passions every step of the way: “California Almonds…Crunch On!” Heavy TV, print, and web-based placement, plus a feature on the Ellen show, helped almonds finally surpass their archrival, peanuts, as America’s favorite.

ESPN Sportscenter

Almonds and football go together like Adam Schefter and smartphones? Yes, Adam Schefter, the ultimate NFL insider, is famous for always being tethered to multiple phones, so we leveraged that little insight and crafted a mini-mercial portraying a typical morning in his kitchen. Adam then shared it with his 4 million+ Twitter followers, generating tons of commentary and engagement among snack-happy football fans.

Ellen's Live Almonds Commercial