Sweet or Savory

When Daisy Cottage Cheese came to us, the challenge was daunting: reinvigorate a category that has been in the marketing equivalent of a cryogenic state and engage loyalists in a conversation about cottage cheese. Facebook was chosen as the social platform to reach out to medium to heavy cottage cheese lovers. Of course, first we had to create a Daisy Cottage Cheese fan page. Then we populated it with engaging video content and launched a sweepstakes where fans shared their feelings about cottage cheese and their usage preferences for a chance to win prizes, coupons, and swag. The Sweet and Savory campaign was born and the contest was promoted with pre-roll, display, and promoted posts on Facebook. We developed three distinctive characters representing sweet, savory, and plain, and let consumers have at it. And, boy, did they! Over the course of four months, the results blew us away: our KPIs were surpassed by 325%, Daisy Cottage Cheese gained 85,000 Facebook fans, and we received more than 22,000 sweepstakes entries.

Sweet or Savorty logo Daisy engagement from June 2015 to September 2015: over 8 million reached, over 10.5 million impressions, 86979 page likes growth over time frame, 96839 post likes, over 9 thousand comments, and nearly 7.5 thousand shares.