Baked on the bright side,
a recipe for 100% growth

There was a time when the bread aisle was not the exciting place it is today. To say the section was without personality is no overstatement. It used to be a kaleidoscope of beige. Conventional thinking dictated that earth tones were necessary to suggest wholesome and natural, and that showing more bread enhanced the perception of freshness. The Rudi’s brand appeared no different. But it was—an authentically sunny, Boulder-based bunch. It didn’t take much convincing to take the brand in an entirely new direction. SRG crafted an expressive and vibrant brand positioning, brand identity, and package design that set the them apart as a happy, optimistic “beacon of brightness” in a sea of bland bread brands. Once a local favorite, Rudi’s is now distributing its organic and gluten-free lines nationally. And its explosive growth continues.

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