Our People.

Joan Bleacher, CPA, Chief Operating Officer, Partner
Joan worked in finance at Ohmeda and at public accounting firm KPMG before coming to SRG. An avid athlete, runner, and tennis player, she is a former champion of the egg toss at the SRG summer picnic. She would like to travel to all the major tennis tournaments around the world.

Kristin Centanni, Managing Director, Partner
Kristin started her career in management consulting with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) working primarily on public sector government clients across the US and internationally. The seahorse is her spirit animal, which is fitting given her dream to go island hopping off Croatia. Hit her up for any gardening needs.

Ellen Copaken, Managing Director, Partner
Ellen worked for PepsiCo, Hostess Brands, and FutureBrand before joining SRG. A lifelong thespian, she has traded in her musical theater chops for home renovation, collecting contemporary art, and raising three busy boys.

Brad Derthick, Managing Director, Partner
Brad worked with US West/Qwest and Leo Burnett Advertising in Chicago before joining SRG. Passionate about training for and racing in triathlons, participating in races gives him a purpose to get out of bed well before the sun rises every day to run, bike, and swim. He’s done the Boston Marathon twice and finished three Ironman 70.3 races.

Liz Fliegelman, Chief Financial Officer, Partner
Liz worked with Wild Oats Markets and Xcel Energy before coming to SRG. An athlete and mother, she was a stunt double in the movie Ladybugs, has been skydiving and bungee jumping, and hopes to visit every continent and all 50 states.

Rachael Harp, Creative Director, Partner
Rachael has been on the SRG design team for over 10 years, working with clients ranging from Pepsi to Eli Lilly and the Almond Board of California. She plays the cello, grows orchids, and she can fly a plane. But not all at once.

Mindy Jaouen, Managing Director of Innovation, Partner
Mindy got the innovation bug helping Billy Mays hawk OxiClean at home shows and on infomercials. She went on to help P&G, Clorox, and General Mills build new products before joining SRG, where she leads the innovation group. Hooked on home improvement projects, she loves to demo, build things, and see her vision come to life.

Jen Jones, Managing Partner, Brand Design
Jennifer worked in Hong Kong, London, and at Landor in San Francisco before joining SRG in 2005. She loves to travel, paint, and has a black belt in shopping. She loves living in Boulder but still needs her big-city fix. Her happy place is anywhere with her boys or in her color-coded closet.

Cindy Judge, President and CEO, Partner
After an early start in broadcasting, Cindy moved to the agency world, working at J. Walter Thompson, Kraft Foods, and Decision Resources. She lived in Italy for 12 years before returning to the U.S., reentering the work force and taking it by storm. She also makes a pretty mean risotto.

Jeremy Kay, Director and Partner, Brand Environment

JC Longbottom, Managing Director, Partner
JC worked for Performics, a digital agency in Chicago, before coming to SRG. He likes to read, makes a superb steak, qualified for Sprint Distance World Championships in Triathlon, and published a poem. Happiest in the mountains, he’d still like to do the Iditarod.

Adam Max, Managing Director, Partner
Adam worked at General Mills on the domestic, international, and Walmart businesses before coming to SRG. When he is not shuttling his kids to baseball and gymnastics events, you'll find him listening to or playing music.

Laura Morin, Managing Director, Partner
Laura worked at Avocados From Mexico before joining SRG. An expert traveler, she’s been to five of the seven continents and loves practicing yoga. Her spirit animal is the butterfly.

Laurel Muir, Managing Partner
Laurel started her career in high tech and telecom before ditching it all for culinary school. She fell in love with cooking and worked in the UK and for one of Food and Wine’s best new chefs in San Francisco. She wants a big mountain to climb to success and loves a good challenge, so don’t give her a slam dunk.

Tyson Nielsen, IT Director, Partner
Tyson is a technophile who makes the best ginger beer around (if you like it spicy) and loves an East Coast beach with a strong ocean smell. He's been a gamer since before he could walk and plans to continue until the very end.

Susan Peck, Group Media Director, Partner
Susan worked at Barnhart Advertising, McCann-Erickson, and BBDO Detroit before coming to SRG. A Detroit native, mother, and dog whisperer, she’s run a marathon, would love to bungee jump off something insane, and go on an African Safari.

Lance Reed, Group Creative Director, Partner
Lance spent much of his career defining global brands in Dubai, Africa, and Asia before migrating to Colorado. He joined SRG nine years ago and has been focused on brand identity, brand environment, and innovation. As an avid photographer, he loves to travel and interact with people from different cultures.

Ed Rzasa, Chief Client Service Officer, Partner
Ed worked at Leo Burnett, Bayer Bess Vanderwarker, and Boston Market before coming to SRG. He has worked with iconic brands like Gatorade, Verizon, Guinness, and Home Instead. Passionate about the NY Times crossword, he’s a master with details and travel itineraries, who loves finding off-the-beaten-path adventures.

Amy Shipley, Managing Director, Partner
Amy is a global food and beverage expert who hails from San Francisco, where she served as senior vice president for Ketchum's Food Practice for over 23 years before coming to SRG. She’d love to take the summer off with her two girls and husband and travel to Africa on safari.

Heather Smith, Managing Director, Partner
Heather worked client side at Kraft, ConAgra, and in global marketing in the PepsiCo Global Nutrition Group, where she was named 40 Under 40 from Chicago Crain’s Business before coming to SRG. A mother to three young kids, she attempts to grow her own vegetables and enjoys cooking for her family.

Jen Sterling, Managing Director, Partner
Jennifer works with Purina Beyond and Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers and has been at SRG since she was an intern in college. She makes great homemade carnitas, salsa, and tortillas, and her happy place is on the beach with her family. When she needs a break from people, she can be found on her bike somewhere near Boulder.

Adam Wohl, Executive Creative Director, Partner
Adam started his career as an executive and writer in Hollywood before opening his own advertising agency in NYC and working at Wieden + Kennedy and TBWA Chiat\Day. An architecture and design lover, he’ll beat anyone playing Six Degrees of Separation.

Peter Heppner, Senior Experience Designer
Peter has taught yoga to rock stars, can take apart and rebuild a VW engine, and put both feet behind his head and drink a beer. But he’d like to learn to surf.


Bryant Ison, Managing Director
Bryant is driven by curiosity. He’s worked with some heavy-hitting brands, numerous startups and even ventured into the world of medical cannabis as CMO for Columbia Care. He’s been on the cutting edge of things all his life. Even as a snowboarding instructor back when they didn’t require certification to teach or as a Peace Corps volunteer in Mali.

Andrew Schneider, Copywriter
Before SRG Andrew wrote copy at Edelman, Arc Worldwide, and UChicago Creative. A lover of golf, Shakespeare, and superhero movies, Andrew adores his wife and dreams of traveling with their sons—whose births fall just shy of his favorite moment, the White Sox winning the 2005 World Series.

Lynn Fogarty, Group Account Director
Lynn is a Group Account Director who built her career in the Chicago ad world, advancing brands like McDonald’s, Wrigley, and Chicago’s Field Museum. She’s comfortable out on the links, as she started golfing at age five, and her secret skill is thrift finds and styling. An outdoor lover, Lynn has been to 32 US national parks!

Anna Hedlund, Media Supervisor
Anna makes a mean peanut butter granola and knows her way around an espresso machine. She’d like to adopt a dog and walk the El Camino de Santiago.

Cameron Macrae, Manager, Data Analytics


Kavita Sienknecht, Senior Strategist
Kavita was previously a management consultant, working with public and private sector clients on their business strategy, organizational design and change management. She was once an extra in a Bollywood movie and might have the most wholesome happy place: the dog park at sunrise.

Brandon Reed, Senior Strategist
Before coming to SRG, Brandon taught English in North Carolina and in Indonesia through the Fulbright Program. He’s been to the Taj Mahal and is a savvy book club organizer.

Evan Miller, IT Support Specialist
Evan is an IT Specialist whose previous experience includes working with medical tech at Medtronic to help save COVID patients. His wizardry extends beyond IT, as he’s an avid D&D player who also writes settings and designs game worlds. Evan is ambisinistrous (both hands are clumsy), and his familiar is a loyal Corgi.

Bret Berman, Senior Manager, Integrated Production
Bret was an agent and manager for internationally touring musicians at Bleemusic and helped secure over 100,000 new voter registrations for the 2008 presidential election. He’s been to 267 Phish concerts and he has a black belt in tae kwon do.

Annie Turlay, Director of Integrated Production
If you hear whistling in the halls, it’s probably Annie. The fifth-grade president of her elementary school, Annie grew up to work on clients like Burger King, Applebee’s, and Kraft.


Patrick Campbell, Creative Director
If I’m not at the Cracker Barrel, you can find me burning down my trailer because I’m sick of taking care of it. Whaaaapow!

Shelby Howard, Associate Strategist
Guard your stapler from Shelby, or it may end up in a Jell-O mold. In addition to being our resident prankster, Shelby is a running coach & mentor to 3rd-5th grade girls with Girls on the Run Rockies. Prior to SRG, she worked with TMA in Dallas and with iDonate, helping nonprofits tell their story.

Jenna Fraser, Strategist
Jenna is one of a select few Cleveland enthusiasts, an aspiring IPA specialist, and an unofficial amateur skeeball queen (Squeen if you will). Her happy place is anywhere with warm weather and puppies, and she dreams of opening a breakfast place one day.


Samantha Mayhew, Associate Strategist

Dina Paz, Managing Director, Culinary
Dina is a self-proclaimed culinary traveler and has worked in the food landscape for more than 15 years. She would love to live in France and work on a cheese farm at some point. Dina’s happy place is hiking with her dogs.

Ian Otto, Senior Insights Analyst

Kris Kinney, Associate Media Director
Kris has worn lots of account and media titles; has badges in CPG, healthcare, tourism, high tech. She’s challenged with practicing mindfulness, following elk and barely grasping great thinkers―Yuval Noah Harari, Robert Wright, Sam Harris, Steven Pinker, and David Brooks.


Shannon Gagnon, Senior Project Manager
Before joining SRG, Shannon worked in international education for the nonprofits No Barriers USA and Semester at Sea. She’s traveled much of the world, but she’s happiest close to home on the porch of the North Fork Canadian Yurt. When not immersed in toddler-life, Shannon’s on her bike or paddleboard.

Natalie French, Accounts Payable Specialist
North, South, East Coast, West—Natalie has lived across all of it. She’s a dolphin-loving taco expert with a dream of becoming an interior designer.

Ali Epple, Assistant Account Manager

Hi, I’m Belle! I like sunbathing, ‘working’ at SRG, and swimming in kiddie pools.

Cecilia Patrizi, Associate Strategist

Eileen McCann, Innovation Research Coordinator
Eileen worked at Leo Burnett and Chicago Art Institute before joining SRG. She is passionate about being outside and most happy trail running countryside in Italy or skate skiing in Colorado. She has raced in the Boston, New York, and Chicago Marathons and Triathlon Age Group Nationals.

Taylor Laitsch, Account Director

Alena Han, Project Manager

Jo Wozniak, Managing Director
Jo worked on the client side with Wrigley in Chicago and in the UK with the Babybel and Laughing Cow brands before coming to SRG. She can speak five languages, has a slight shoe obsession, and can fly a plane.

Inke Borret, Creative Resource Manager
Inke worked in urban planning in the Netherlands before moving to Colorado and was a tour guide for Celestial Seasonings before joining SRG. She can dance flamenco and ride a motorcycle. Her happy place is outdoors in a beautiful setting.

Christie Wood, Group Account Director
Before joining SRG Christie worked in NYC and Boston at Arnold Worldwide, CP+B, and Victors & Spoils, leading communications on everything from racecar tires to baby jeans. A marathon runner, certified nutrition and wellness consultant, coach, and amateur hip-hop talent scout, she’s also trained in wine.

A lap dog at heart, Copper loves all the attention he gets at SRG. And, if he isn’t getting quite enough, he relocates himself to the middle of the hallway so as not to be missed. Think you are done petting him? His “oven mit” size paw will be thrown upon you to try and convince you otherwise.

Heather Ottem, HR Director
Heather worked at Accenture and Epic Systems before coming to SRG. She acted in community theater as a teenager, and her spirit animal is a cat lounging in a sunbeam. She's a soccer mom and travel seeker; 26 countries down, 169 more to go.

Laurie Tewksbury, Senior Account Manager
The outdoors is where Laurie belongs, which explains her move to Colorado without ever actually having been here. She’s full of useless Nepali and Tibetan words and previously worked at BoldBrew and Outdoor Women’s Alliance.

Tamar Taller, Associate Strategist

Trevor Harkema, Creative Director
Having grown up as a small-town Iowa boy, Trevor headed to Rome to study graphic design. He has a giant collection of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, is an expert at Mario Kart, and has recently become a tequila and mezcal enthusiast.

Copper Jean
Copper Jean is the sweetest girl in world, yes sheeee is! Copper loves people, long walks in the (dog) park, and socks. Her favorite movie is “The Lion King”, as she’s trying to grow her mane like Simba!

Walker Boswell, Associate Strategist

Constance Roark, Account Director, Registered Dietitian
Constance writes the monthly nutrition column for the Daily Camera, loves to cook healthy food and feed people, and is an expert pug owner. She finally ran the Bolder Boulder and would love to travel more through Europe.

Tony Tumminello, Senior Content Developer/Photographer
Tony is a photographer and an avid board game and Magic: The Gathering player. He’s been to 49 states, with Alaska being the final one to visit.

Christina Wilder, Account Director

Camryn Calus, Assistant Account Manager
If it's a fantastic marg you are after, then Camryn has you covered. In addition to being a rock star with the Almond Board of California team; she finds the time to read 4 books a week, swim with sea turtles and ride horses in the rainforest.

Layna Melvin, Senior Production Designer
Layna has seen pods of orcas in the wild and camped with wild mustangs. She’d like to experience seeing the Northern Lights and paddling the northern boundary waters.

Newman is a potcake hailing from Grand Bahama, but he prefers lounging in the snowbanks of Colorado. Newman’s dream day involves eating hot dogs for every meal, hiking, swimming in the lake, and snuggles by the fireplace.

Rosalyn Darling, Associate Culinary Director
An ex-marketer turned full-time culinary innovator, Rosalyn’s food brain is never off. She’s a former raw vegan personal chef and is constantly trying to manage her mug collection.

Jacob Helleckson, Senior Social Media Planner
Jacob helped his parents build their vineyard and winery business in western Colorado while growing up. A skier, photographer, rock climber, and cello player, he’d like to climb Denali, jump out of an airplane, and brew his own IPA.

Hi, I’m Littlefoot! I like hiking Sanitas and listening to Whitney Houston. My favorite meal is brunch and I was selected as Camper of the Month at Camp Bow Wow Boulder.

Kristen Melick, Senior Manager, Social Media
Kristen was social media manager for Quiznos before coming to SRG. She is an expert at making pasta and at n64 Mario Kart. She's happiest when ice fishing in northern Wisconsin.

Justin Badger, Executive Assistant
Badger worked at Victors & Spoils, at CP+B, and as a voiceover artist before coming to SRG. He was in Hair on Broadway in 2010, where about 1,000 people saw him in his birthday suit eight times a week. And he has a hot club jazz, Americana band with his wife called The Fremonts.

Fran Parker, Senior Art Director
Frances has 15 years of experience as a designer and print producer. She originally joined SRG in 2004 and rejoined again in 2017.

Lauren Trojan, Senior Business Development Manager
Lauren worked at Vladimir Jones, CP+B, and McKinney before joining SRG. An avid mountain climber, she’s been rafting in the Grand Canyon and has climbed 2,300 vertical feet in one day. Last summer, she and her boyfriend built the coolest campervan that ever was.


Robyn Zimmer, Media Director, Partner
A skill bestowed on few, Robyn can remember nearly everyone’s birthday. She’s a skydiving international traveler who has never broken a bone and previously worked at PHD Chicago on the Florida Department of Citrus account.


Anna Senn, Copywriter
Anna spent 9 years in LA working in TV, comedy and fitness before she decided she’d had enough sunshine and moved to Chicago. She’d love to eventually learn how to use her crock pot - but who’s got the time?

Matt Bromley, Managing Director + Partner
Matt worked for a Brand Apart and Chick-fil-A’s nonprofit brand before coming to SRG. A singer, a bungee jumper, and a runner, he’d like to start a nonprofit dedicated to helping families in crisis and run a full marathon.

On a typical day Riley be found lounging on the office couch in his hooman’s office, impatiently demanding belly rubs from anyone who walks by. His areas of expertise include extreme napping and competitive treat eating.

Chad Walker, Group Creative Director
Chad worked and lived in NYC for 20 years before moving to Boulder and SRG. Chad is slightly obsessive about CrossFit. But just slightly. He enjoys reading, has a decent mid-range jump shot, and drives a needlessly large pickup truck.

The goodest of the good boys, Mason is known for sleeping through important meetings, charming the office with his goofy underbite, and providing endless snuggles with his velvet ears.

Adrienne Spuzzillo, Senior Strategist
Adrienne worked at Procter & Gamble Co. and Lighthouse Independent Media in Singapore. She’s a licensed real estate agent, ping pong master, and has not only hiked two volcanoes, but also fried an egg on one and made s’mores on the other.

Paige Davis, Insights Manager
Paige is a mountain and ocean lover. She’s gone skydiving, running with the bulls in Spain, and loves people watching. She’d like to do an Ironman triathlon and visit all seven continents.

Nick Kho, Staff Accountant
How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Ask Nick because he’s played there... twice! Aside from bringing his accounting expertise to SRG after working for Vail Resorts and Biodesix, he is also one of our tennis fanatics and our resident sushi chef.


Vanessa Gonzalez, HR Business Partner
Vanessa was born in Bogotá, Colombia. Her spirit animal is a panther. And her happy place is happy hour. One of our star-interns-turned-superstar employee, Vanessa will salsa dance your pants off.


Shannon Koski, Account Director
Shannon was a food scientist at Dairy Management before coming to SRG. She attended culinary school and loves to cook and bake. She loves relaxing in the mountains and doing anything outdoors with her family.

Shawna Kinkead, Senior Project Manager
Shawna has worked at SRG for 14 years, following 25 years in the printing industry. A fencing champ in high school, she has also climbed Kilimanjaro and run the Boston Marathon. Her happy place is a tranquil meadow with a burbling stream, surrounded by flowers and hummingbirds.

Janice Lee, Designer
If there is one thing Janice can literally do for hours, it’s hula hoop. Previously a designer for LA Metro and Innovation Protocol in Los Angeles, Janice found her happy place in Colorado’s snowy mountains, with a hot chocolate in hand.


Patty Whittemore, Senior Ad Operations Manager
Patty has completed a marathon and a triathlon, is an expert ideator, and is 50% Swiss and 50% German-speaking. She wants to visit all 50 states and ride in a hot air balloon.


Alexia Sites, Senior Animation Designer
Alexia finds her Zen while downhill mountain biking and dreams of playing guitar at venues like Planet Bluegrass. She did a front flip on her snowboard (on purpose) and raced the Megavalanche in Europe.

Michelle Bétancourt Everett, Senior Account Manager
What do M&M’s, Denver Oktoberfest, the Dirty Girl Mud Run (for breast cancer research) and Veracruz, Mexico all have in common? Michelle! She comes to SRG after spending time with LatinWorks in Austin, TX. Beyond her marketing expertise, she brings with her a fluency in Spanish and a dream of hanging out with elephants in Thailand.

Sheldon is a red standard poodle and lives by the motto, “Play hard, nap hard.” He believes in savoring the finer things in life like squirrel-watching, rolling in the grass, and ear-scratches.

Francesca Lamberti, Account Director
Francesca worked in Chicago before moving west and coming to SRG where she works with Potatoes USA and Avocados From Mexico. An expert at snagging open tables in crowded restaurants, she loves trying out the hottest restaurants in town.

Cooper is a free spirit who doesn’t let any leash hold her back. She has a part time gig as a paper girl but enjoys long walks at the park and eating sticks in her free time. She is a connoisseur of snuggles and lives her life by the motto Work Hard, Bark Hard.

Rob Renegar, Insights Director
Rob worked with Qualvu and Pepperidge Farm, where he was the Goldfish spokesperson/mascot and got to wear the inflatable costume for company events and promotions, before joining SRG. A master of random knowledge and movie quotes, he’s been scuba diving in Raja Ampat and hang gliding. He would still like to skydive solo and go to Tuscany.

Kaylie Young, Associate Strategist
In a town of transplants, we love that Kaylie is one of our Boulder natives! Before SRG she worked at Angi, marketing to small businesses. Kaylie can coach a soccer team while selling you a house and completing an Ironman, because she’s a licensed real estate superhuman!

Virginia Green, Associate Creative Director
Virginia is an expert at naming the next generation. She drives an electric car, has chickens, dreams of becoming a yak farmer, and dabbles in the dark arts.


Marissa Spainhour, Digital Associate Media Director
Marissa worked at GSD&M before moving to Colorado to work for SRG, where she has worked with several CPG brands and commodity boards. A self-taught paleo and gluten-free cook, she’s been on an African safari and has a sweet pup named Newman.


Tracy Behrens, Office Manager
Tracy has worked at SRG for 30 years. Rick Sterling “gave her away” at her wedding. She recently bought an RV and is excited to discover new places with her husband and two dogs. Her happy place is at her cabin.

Jill Holmstrom, Innovation Director + Partner
Jill was a founding partner at Element 79 and worked at FCB in Chicago before joining SRG. She’s a mother to two amazing girls, has lived in Europe, and likes to waterski. She loves the mountains for sure, but is happiest on the lake at her cottage in northern Michigan. Hands down.

Christine Pautz, Accounting Manager
Christine interned for the NY Islanders while in school and is a CPA. She played on the golf team in college and would love to go to the UK to attend the British Open. Her happy place is on the golf course with a cold beer.


Brianna Ray, Culinary Specialist

Emme Gagnard, Senior Product Designer
Emme designed and built haunted houses and was a freelance woodworker & designer before joining SRG. An expert at building pretty much anything & getting crafty AF.

Kiley Stone, Associate Culinary Director
Kiley is a good old New England girl who loves all things food: cooking it, eating it, writing about it, then eating more of it. She has written a cookbook, hiked through Tibet, and was a ball girl for Venus and Serena Williams.